The Disappearing Jumper by Kyle

‘Did you see it?’, Joanna demanded of Brian angrily. ‘How many times do I have to tell you? Are you not listening? I said NO, I haven’t seen it! Now stop asking me.’ ‘This is so annoying, but where did it go?’, she shouted. Let’s have a look’, replied Brian. They searched the whole house, top to bottom, but they still just couldn’t find Joanna’s favourite jumper which was missing. ‘It was right behind me, and it just disappeared!’, wailed Joanna. ‘I would say James took it. You know what he’s like’. What Joanna thought turned out to be true! James was hiding outside behind the bins with Joanna’s jumper. Joanna wasn’t happy with him!

One thought on “The Disappearing Jumper by Kyle”

  1. Hi Kyle! My class has actually done this prompt! I love how you used describing words. Maybe you should put the comma before the quotes end. What does wailed mean, and what is a jumper? You’re piece was really good!

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