The Dimension Bike by Leon

One day in the depths of the Magic Dwarf Mines three thousand years ago – A BIKE WAS MADE !!!!!!!

( Even though bikes wern’t invented yet.)

But not any bike, it was A DIMENSION BIKE!!!

But what does a dimension bike do???

Well let’s say that it can travel in to any dimension, simple as that.

But people (and dwarves, fairiess, goblins, etc. ) say that it was a very big mistake because it made all the nations clash into war over it.

You might be thinking why would they be fighting over a bike? They wanted to go to threw the so called Dimension of Gold.

One day a man or woman stole the bike and went straight into the Dimension of Gold and when he was he was coming out, he fell in to a tree and fell off the bike and the bike got stuck in the tree for ever.