The Deadly Snake by Niamh

It was a Saturday night I had to go to bed because it was very late. I was asleep in 10 minutes. I had a dream and this is the dream. I was in Wexford town and a snake came up to me “which way to the shops?” it panted. I said “over that way, ” I got such a fright I was shaking. I was watching it to see what it bought. The snake came back out with a gun. I walked over to the snake and asked him “why do you need a gun?” I need a gun to shoot birds that land on my roof…

3 thoughts on “The Deadly Snake by Niamh”

  1. Hello Niamh.
    I liked your story because it was original.
    It reminds me of a monkey buying a banana I saw on the internet.
    I wonder how the snake had money.
    Bye for now Kristupas 5th class Mrs Boyces

  2. Hi Niamh , I like your story because it was funny.
    It remind me of The Twits .
    I wonder why he wanted to kill the birds.

    Mrs Boyces Class

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