The Day Out by Cillian

Yesterday Lily and Jack decided to go to the woods for a picnic. It was a nice, sunny day so they figured it would be good to cycle there on their new bikes. Lily’s bike was red with a touch of pink and Jack’s was a bright yellow. On their way there got some ice-cream since it was so warm and a bottle of lemonade for the picnic. When they had reached the last road which lead to their destination Lily heard Jack scream. She immediately turned around and saw Jack’s bike crashed in to a tree and a peculiar and hostile looking figure carrying him away. Lily tried to run after them but was grabbed by something. She turned around and…

One thought on “The Day Out by Cillian”

  1. HI Cillian, I really enjoyed your story this week. I thought you could explain the weather so that the reader can picture the story better.

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