The Day My Auntie Surprised Us by Emily

Ding! Dong! with doorbell rang . It was my favourite auntie. She had tickets in her hand. ‘They’re for the zoo !’ she said. We screamed with excitement . We all got into the car and off we went . Traffic was pretty bad on the way in . When we got there we decided to go to the gorilla island. We saw the zookeeper feeding the gorilla . We asked the zookeeper the gorilla’s name, it was Tom Brick . The next place we went whas the reptile house . One snake stood out, it was yellow and white. We decided to go home when I spotted a cheetah running in its enclosure.

2 thoughts on “The Day My Auntie Surprised Us by Emily”

  1. Emily,
    A trip to the zoo can be a fascinating adventure! I wonder if the cheetah was running in the snake area or in the big cat area? One of those scenarios would probably not end as well as the other.
    Keep writing.
    Mrs. G., Hub Buddy, Guilderland, NY, USA

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