The Cruise Ship by Abby

“An exciting trip is about to start” said Sarah. The family were on their bicycles cycling to the cruise ship. When they arrived the owners of the ship fired colourful bubbles into the sky, everyone was amazed. Sarah and her family were shown to their room by Mickey Mouse, when they got inside there were blue and pink bunk beds and also blue and pink bon bons on their beds. The tubs of bons bons were empty in about five minutes. Sarah and her family had a feeling this was going to be the best trip ever.

One thought on “The Cruise Ship by Abby”

  1. I loved your 100 wc this week! bout maybe you could add exclamation points to show how excited they were. and I wanna know about the rest of the week
    keep writing!
    -Madison E., HUB Buddy, USA

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