The Crime in Footballia by Charlie

Once upon a time there was a country called Footbalia. In Footbalia everyone gifted each other footballs wrapped in luxurious wrapping paper on Saturday, but one Saturday something terrible happened. A visitor from Rugbyland smuggled in a hideous ball it was a rugby ball. Although it was Saturday nothing was opened. The man was arrested and sentenced to life in prison after his crime was checked on VAR. Now all visitors are searched upon arrival of Footbalia and no gifts are given on Saturdays but are now given on Sunday in remembrance of the mans crimes.

3 thoughts on “The Crime in Footballia by Charlie”

  1. Hi Charlie
    I really liked your story the way you used soccer against rugby and the VAR instead of cctv
    I wonder why the man smuggled in a rugby ball?
    Great story
    Bye for now Liam A
    Mrs Boyces class

  2. I liked the story and it is sad that you can’t get gifts on Saturday but on Sunday. It is also bad that footbalia can’t trust the people who go there a lot.

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