The Creature by Charlie

There was once a boy his name was Jack. Jack had a secret that nobody knew. There was a creature that only he could see chasing him all the time. But it only had thermal vision. Jack was going to call for his friend to play cops and robbers when he saw it. He peddled as fast he humanly could. He was cycling closer to the exit of his town, he was forced to go on the motorway. He cycled to the edge and used the ziptie that he was going to use for cops and robbers to tie his bike to a tree. Then he ran and dived into mud to disguise his heat signature…

3 thoughts on “The Creature by Charlie”

  1. Hi Charlie I liked your story because of the words you used.
    It reminded me of a film I saw before.

    I wonder why the beast was after him.

    BYE, from Dylan

    Mrs Boyces Class

  2. Hi Charlie
    I really liked your story
    I wonder what Jacks friends taught he was doing.
    Bye by Ben

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