The Crazy World by Mya

One Monday morning a kid named Jimmy was walking trough the woods. He fell over a stick and rolled down a big hill he was rolling so fast. He got up and saw a big white crafty castle with loads of glitter. He looked back and saw that he was leaving the woods. He went into the castle and saw a tiny goblin with a huge fairy he thought it was a dream. The fairy was very kind she gave Jimmy a chocolate it tasted like heaven. Jimmy started to get dizzy and feel sick he fainted and woke up in his bedroom on his bed……..

4 thoughts on “The Crazy World by Mya”

  1. Hi Mya,
    What a dream to wake up to! You did a good job attempting to include all the prompts into the story line.
    Keep up the good work and keep on writing.

  2. Hello Mya, well what was in that chocolate, I wonder? You have lots of interesting things happening in your story. I like the idea of the glittering castle, tiny goblins and huge fairy. Even though you made the chocolate a bit of a mystery, I could just about taste it because of the comparison you made to heaven. I’m glad you didn’t say it was just a dream; I like the mystery of not knowing what had happened. Well done.

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