The Crayon Kids by Mia

Alfie woke up in a strange room. He got out of bed and went downstairs to investigate. He was in a room of strange Object-People. There was a lid, a bottle and a box of crayons. The orange one spoke first. “Whatever are you then?” he asked. “I’m Alfie”, replied Alfie. “Well we are crayon kids, that’s Kid-Lid and that’s Bottle-friend” said the Crayons in unison. Alfie and his new friends were having breakfast together: a vast plate of bacon. When Alfie heard a strange noise. That was when he woke up. It was all a dream.

5 thoughts on “The Crayon Kids by Mia”

  1. wow Mia
    this is such a good piece of writing next time I recommended you to press enter after a full stop
    do you want to be a investigator ?
    what would you like to do when you are older ?
    BY Caitlyn

    1. I think the story was pretty good, I liked that you made it a dream.
      Are you gonna make more challenges like this?

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