The Court Date – by Mia

One day Mr. Ezra was going to go to work. He was wearing a smart suit. He tried and tried to start the car, but it was a futile quest. When it just wouldn’t start, he looked around. A small crowd had gathered. However, Mrs. Petunia was standing in the shadows, holding a pliers. She had cut the wires in the engine.

One week later, the court was on. ‘Why did you do it?’ asked the judge.

‘I did it because I felt like it’, replied Mrs. Petunia. The judge reiterated that she owed Mr. Ezra $10,0000. Mr. Ezra felt vindicated. He had forgiven her though, because he was in the minority of people who were indoctrinated.

5 thoughts on “The Court Date – by Mia”

  1. Hi Mia,
    This is an excellent story and I’m impressed that you have used all of the vocabulary words this week. You are a very talented writer.
    Keep up the great work.
    Ms Brennock

  2. Hello Mia.
    I loved all the words and how you put them in the story!
    How do you know so many wonderful words?
    Did Mrs Petunia pay back Mr Ezra?
    Colin Mrs Boyce’s class.

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