The Christmas Play by Niamh

It was Monday we were doing a Christmas play. Our parents were invited to come to the Christmas play. My mam was sick so she could not come. My mam was watching television and she was flicking through all the channels and on one of them she couldn’t believe it, we seemed to be on television doing our show! When the play was over we ordered dinner. After dinner we watched a movie. We had some drinks and sweets durning the movie. When the movie was over we went to bed. It was a great day. I love special times with my family.

15 thoughts on “The Christmas Play by Niamh”

  1. I enjoyed your story. I bet your mum was excited seeing you on the telly. I was wondering how your show managed to get on TV.(Philip Waller, Auckland, New Zealand).

  2. Very creative work. I liked how you added a christmas theme. What role was you in the play? I bet your mum was impressed! Tia.

  3. THIS IS SO GOOD My Eyes Nearly Popped out.
    Great Story, Great Writing, Nice Work.
    Very Creative Writing. Well Done.
    Keep Up The Great Work, Keep Blogging.

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