The Christmas List by Donnchadh

‘Women and Turkeys Against Christmas’. That’s what the sign on the kitchen door read.

Mammy had gone on strike, just like she said.

No dinner, no mince pies and no special dessert. Disaster!

I looked at Dad to see what to do, he just shrugged.

It was down to me to save the day. I got my best colours out. I wrote to the boss, Santa. I’d already sent my list but we needed a miracle!

On Christmas morning as Mammy lifted the turkey I saw she got a new diamond ring. Weird!

I didn’t remember putting it on…

One thought on “The Christmas List by Donnchadh”

  1. What a lovely story, Donnchadh! I really like the way you have set it out. The paragraphs make it very easy to read and to follow. I particularly liked the sentence ‘I looked at Dad to see what to do, he just shrugged’. You have used the prompt so well. It fits your seasonal story perfectly. I also really love the first sentence. It immediately grabs the attention of your reader. Well done!

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