The Child’s Wrath by Alfie

Eoin was visiting his nanny in Greenland. After an unbearably long flight he and his family had landed. They got a taxi to go drive to their nanny’s house where they would be staying for the next few days. They decided what to do in the house was they were going to play Monopoly. So they agreed. The game went on and on and on. Until Eoin’s little brother landed on Eoin’s spot “you have to pay me 200€!” said Eoin. then Eoin’s little bother flipped the table the pieces scattered along the floor. They could only find 1 piece.

One thought on “The Child’s Wrath by Alfie”

  1. My family has played Monoply before too. You did a really good job of making this sound realistic of what was going to happen. Did the family ever play Monoply after that?

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