The Car Crash by Jessica M

When I was four my family and I were in a car crash on the m1 because a man was not driving properly. This hit six other cars.My mam, me, my dad had to go to the hospital. I felt very scared and I also felt sad.When I got to the hospital I got a colar around my neck .Then I went to my granny’s house and stayed till the next day and it reminded me of a time when I was in a car crash a few weeks ago. This happened out side of Super Valu because a man drove into our car when he drove out of a car parking space.

One thought on “The Car Crash by Jessica M”

  1. Hi Jessica, and first of all sorry for your mishaps. It is awful when things happen that are not our fault. You have used your (bad) experience to create a very good 100WC story and have structured it well I think. Try to remember spaces after your full stops maybe but, other than that I think this is an excellent piece of work and a very positive outcome from a bad situation. Well done!

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