The Canon by Aaron’

‘OH NO! We are under attack!’ screamed King Joshua. All the knights went out over the draw bridge on their horses charging into battle. ‘ MORE’ shouted King Joshua. At his order all the warriors ran out with their swords and shields.’ To the cannons,’ he ordered. Again everyone ran as fast as they could up four flights of stairs. Everyone was so tired that they stopped in a corner to have a break and not get caught by King Joshua. At that point I was the only one at the cannons. I stood beside one and shot at the monstrosity of people.

One thought on “The Canon by Aaron’”

  1. Hi Aaron,
    This is a great story, and a great use of this week’s prompt for inspiration. I like the use of verbs you used when describing how King Joshua communicated with his knights, they really create tension. Keep up the work.
    Rigon (Team 100WC)
    London, England

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