The Cannon Men by Luke

They were aiming the cannon at the monstrosity of a viking longboat, it was like it was from the future, because it was. They shot cannon ball after cannon ball but it did nothing. Then there was a pop in the room “You’re coming to the year 6060 with me” said sentinel 1259. Then there was another pop “No they’re not sentinel” said a person from where the pop was. “Oh no Lucas laser-lion” said the sentinel. “Yeah I am” replied Lucas then he shot the sentinel. “OK now shoot this E.M.B out of your cannon at the ship,” said Lucas. The ship blew-up.

4 thoughts on “The Cannon Men by Luke”

  1. Wow! That was a really exciting story, and I like the twist where the Viking ship was from the future rather than the past. I’m not sure what an E.M.B. is though.

  2. Very interesting piece, feels fictional. were they on a ship? I have one suggestion, I think you should add a bit more detail by the middle of the story I get kind of lost, with more detail maybe I could understand the story a bit better. Otherwise great story

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  3. WOW! That was a really good story i really liked it overall and i like how the Viking ship si from the year 6060.

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