The Camping Trip by Kayleigh

My mam told me we were going camping near the waterfall. I was so excited that I ran upstairs and started packing my bags. I packed 3 outfits, a swimsuit, pyjamas and some stuff to protect myself. “Hurry the taxi is here” shouted my mam. I ran downstairs and hopped into the bright yellow taxi. It only took us 15 minutes to get there. When we arrived I set up my tent. “Can we go swimming” I asked immediately to my mam. “Yes!” she answered happily. I got my swimsuit on and ran to the lake. Then all of a sudden I tripped over a rock and went flying into the ditch. I was panicking and breathing heavily. I am never going there again. 

One thought on “The Camping Trip by Kayleigh”

  1. Great way to tell a story I really appreciate the creativity and originality and is very interesting overall is an incredible story

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