The Camp by Eden

It was getting late but after the campfire Ollie told me to meet him at the edge of the forest. When I got there he was waiting for me. He showed me a little hut that had a dark, secret basement. When we went down there, he said that it was haunted. I said he was just trying to scare me but as if on cue, a flash of light, then, darkness again. Even he looked terrified. We both climbed up the ladder and ran as fast as lightning. We never went in there again. The next day we told everybody else our story…  only we exaggerated a little. 

2 thoughts on “The Camp by Eden”

  1. Eden, this story sounds very scary. I didn’t think the hut was actually haunted from the start, but turns out, it was! You and you friend must’ve been very very scared once the light flashed on/off. I wonder who turned on an off the lights?

  2. Hello Eden, I love sitting around a camp fire so I had a lovely vision of this at the start of your story. It was interesting how you introduced the hut. I really liked how you said, “even he looked terrified”. This showed just how frightening it must have been. I also like your ending.

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