The Burglar Part I by Cian

I’m in my house I’m petrified as I look out the window. I see a man with shiny black hoodie ripped grey tracksuit bottoms and a metal crowbar banging on my door. I start to panic but I control myself eventually. I call 112 when suddenly the man outside started to smash his crowbar of the door. The door was starting to break so I sprinted upstairs into the bathroom and locked the door. I’m that scared I swear I could pass out. I’m clutching my phone very tightly hoping for a reply. Suddenly I hear footsteps on the stairs …then everything stopped and…

One thought on “The Burglar Part I by Cian”

  1. Hi Cian I loved your story because I love burglar stories.
    I wonder why he was there ?
    It reminded me of Jurassic world .

    Mrs Boyces Class

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