The Building by Katie

One morning in the tall building Sophie went into the building to start to work she worked in the office. She started to get her computer ready. Sophie was Into fashion so she wanted to go into the fashion industry. She started her work.

The boss came into say there was going to be a fire drill so when the light turns red you need to evacuate it was green at the moment.

Sophie started to smell smoke so she told her co works it was coming out of the kitchen. “It was very urgent!”, said Sophie. They all evacuated Sophie was afraid it wasn’t a fire drill anymore.

2 thoughts on “The Building by Katie”

  1. Hi I wrote a 100/wc too. You have a good story. What happens after the smoke comes out of the kitchen?

  2. I love it I always fear that that’s going to happen to me. I also wonder how did you get the Inspiration .

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