The Briefcase by Charlie

There once was a boy whose name was Joe, he was living on the streets with his two friends Sam and Bernard. One day they were walking around trying to find where to sleep, they walked down an alley and saw a briefcase. Joe walked over and looked around nobody was there except him Sam and Bernard. Joe said, “should I open it.” Sam and Bernard said almost in sync “yes”. Joe tried to open the black and grey briefcase but it would not open. It reminded him of when he was on holidays and the car his Dad rented just would not take off. He then tried one more time and it opened. They then saw the green light of 10,000,000 dollars…

2 thoughts on “The Briefcase by Charlie”

  1. Well done on your story this week Charlie. I like how you have used the prompt this week. Keep up the great work.
    Ms Brennock

  2. Oh wow! That is A LOT of money!!! A suggestion I have is make sure to put a capital letter when someone is talking. Make sure when you ask a question, you put a question mark. Anyways, I loved this story!!! I hope they don’t spend the money on nonsense!! 😃

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