The Breakthrough by Olivia

Scientists at Oxford made scientific breakthroughs after performing surgery on giraffes to give them vocal chords so they could speak. They also painted each one a different colour as its pride month. We sent Cady (our reporter) down to interview the giraffes.

Cady- So its a real plesure and honor meeting you all . Now I’ll ask you some questions and try to answer them as best as you can. So what do think of global warming, the orange one spoke first and said, ”I dunno”. The green one spoke next, “Ya me niether”, it said. But after all giraffes are giraffes and they don’t understand human things so all of that was very pointless.

2 thoughts on “The Breakthrough by Olivia”

  1. Hi Olivia I really enjoyed your story this week! I Really liked that it was all useless because I think readers can relate.

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