The Box of Mystery by Eden

There it was just sitting there, motionless with us staring at it. All three of us just wondering what could be inside. I told the others that we probably shouldn’t open it but I had to see what was inside so we decided to open it. As we were pulling the lid of the box we saw something fly out but we didn’t see what it was. Nothing was actually in the box so we decided to go home. We found out bad things escaped the box and we felt quite guilty so we tried to fix things and after a while we managed to fix it.

5 thoughts on “The Box of Mystery by Eden”

  1. Hi Eden. I like the way you and your companions start off doing what you think is the right thing and then, after a while, you cannot bear not knowing what is in the box, so you open it. That is very realistic. I like the way you keep the suspense going by not telling us exactly what was in the box, just that it was bad. I am also very glad that your story has a happy ending because you managed to fix it

  2. Hi Eden I like your story it kinda reminds me of pandora box though i hope the box didnt cause to much trouble.

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