The Bonfire by Kayleigh

Me and my friends were finished trick or treating.

“should we do a bonfire?” Asked my friend.

”great idea!” I replied.

It wasn’t a good idea. The bonfire was good until it got out of control 10 minutes later. It spread all over the dry grass.

“call 911!” I shouted.

My friend called 911 and the fire brigade arrived 5 minutes later. As the firemen were putting out the fire me and my friend were talking about how stupid we were.

“why did we do this?” I complained.

“I don’t know!” Muttered my friend.

“no more bonfires!” I told her.

“never!” she answered.

One thought on “The Bonfire by Kayleigh”

  1. I like to make bonfires to. I like how you used a lot of dialogue. What do they do now after trick or treating.

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