The Bonfire by Amy

“BOOM!!!” I heard.

I ran outside wondering what it was. It was a bonfire! Someone made a bonfire! It turns out someone threw 100 lit candles in it and it blew up! There was lots of people running around and they couldn’t see where they were going because it was night time. Everyone was screaming! It was terrifying and very destructive. Nobody had a device so I called the police,3 ambulance’s and the firemen. The firemen put out the fire, the police arrested whoever started this and everyone was put in the ambulance’s. I hope everyone’s okay! top bonfires!

2 thoughts on “The Bonfire by Amy”

  1. Amy,
    The narrator was brilliant to notice a need and take action so quickly. Our world is ever grateful for the ‘helpers’ who are at the ready to serve others–even in terrifying, dangerous situations as the one you have described in your piece.
    Keep writing.
    Mrs. G., Team 100, Guilderland, NY, USA
    (Please tell your teacher ‘Hello’ from a colleague ‘across the pond’.)

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