The Bike Shop by Charlie

My friends and I were walking when we saw a yellow bike, it had a sign with an arrow pointing to a bike shop. The shop was called Tommy’s Bike Shop. We decided we were going to go and have a look. When we arrived, a snobby rich man greedily came out of the shop with an assortment of mountain bikes. We walked into the shop confused. The man behind the till desperately warned us not to say anything to the man. Out of nowhere a limousine pulled up outside the shop the rich man was about to get in when my friend Conor said “that’s a lot of bikes,” then he turned around…

One thought on “The Bike Shop by Charlie”

  1. Wow, that was interesting. I like how the man turned around, then the story just stopped.
    Are you going to make another part to the story?
    It was a nice story, and good job.

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