The Bike Ride by Emily

It was a hot summer’s day. My family and decided to go on a bicycle ride. First of all I got my bike out of the shed. Before we went we got something to eat . We set off on our bikes. My sister’s bike was yellow. The vicinity was the beach. My dad warned me not to go fast. Next of all I came flying off my bike. I hurt my arm. So I learned my lesson. After that we had a picnic. We had a lot of food. My sister greedily ate all of the sweets. After a while she said ” I regretted it’.

4 thoughts on “The Bike Ride by Emily”

  1. Hello I like the way the main person of the story learned a lesson. I wonder did she get sick after the sister ate all the sweets. it reminds me of a comic I read before that had a lot of plot twists. Bye for know from Evan in Mrs Boyce’s class

  2. I liked the story because it was funny when your sister ate all the sweets and said “I regretted this” So funny goodbye for now

  3. It was a good story. Why did she regret it though. Did she get sick maybe make another part it was good though. It was really funny.

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