The Bag by Leon

National History Museum London 1856… “Today is a big day. Today we have found the first real magical object!!!”

Big cheer from the crowd.

” This will be kept in the top security chamber in the basement.”

Three days later in an alleyway.  In a corner stood two men one talking to the other. “So you will get me that magical item and you get your pay right,” whispered one of the men.

“How much?”- said the other.

“Let’s say a million.”


The next night.

“GUYS WE’VE GOT A RUNNER!” shouted the guards. The man was running with the bag in his own bag. He jumped across a wall and another one, has he gotten away? BOOM. He gets hit with a school bus. Someone comes out of it… It’s Time-Travelling TOM. He takes the bag and goes back onto the bus. The guards come hurrying the next second but the bus and the man are gone.

One thought on “The Bag by Leon”

  1. Hi Leon
    I love your story because It tells me allot about where the Magical item is.
    I wonder where time travel Tom took the magical item.
    Please comment on my story
    Mrs Boyces 5th Class

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