The Baby Seagull by Ashley

I was in school on yard one day, when I saw a scruffy, fat baby seagull limping around. I noticed that one of its wings was bent down in a weird way.

I could tell that the seagull was frightened of all the people around it, but I still told the teacher about it. The teacher went over to the seagull and beckoned it over to her by showing it bread. The seagull went over to the teacher cautiously and as soon as it went over to teacher, the teacher grabbed the seagull (Gently but quickly) and checked over the seagull and tried to make it fly, when it just wouldn’t take off!!!

The teacher said that she was going to bring the seagull to the vets after work. So that was that!

2 thoughts on “The Baby Seagull by Ashley”

  1. Hi Ashely,
    This is a great story. I like how you based it on real events. You are a very talented writer.
    Keep up the great writing.
    Ms Brennock

  2. That is indeed a touching story, Ashley!
    I could see that you are so kind that you helped to save the seagull. Glad to see your teacher sent it to the vet in the end. Hope the seagull would be okay.
    Your writing is good, hope to see your work next week!

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