The Aviva by Kyle

I was standing in the tunnel, ready to make my Ireland debut against England. I felt really nervous and ill so I told my team mate. He said to just focus. Then we walked out. I could hear him tell the rest of the team “he felt really ill”. I could see all the fans in green and white. I was so nervous I wanted to just run away. Then the match started. I was playing striker. The whole match went without one chance but in the last minute a cross came my way. I got a looping header on it and it sailed over the keeper into the net! It was the best feeling ever.

3 thoughts on “The Aviva by Kyle”

  1. Oh don’t I wish you were playing for Ireland right now! I really liked the way you described all the feelings and built the suspens. Very well done!

  2. Hi Kyle I like the way you used the prompt and put sport into it I will read more of your stories over the weeks to come great work keep at it.

  3. Hello Kyle, what a great story! It is written with precision and is engaging to the reader. I really like that it is written in the first person (I) as it makes the reader feel that they are getting a “birds eye view” into what is happening and how the main character is feeling. I felt the anguish of the competitor wanting to run away. I think there is a great message in your story about facing challenges and having the inner strength to overcome them. Well done.

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