The Attic by Kyle

I can hear noises from the attic all the time. I want to see what’s in there so badly but I’m not allowed to even look inside. One night before bed my Mam says, ‘Kyle, remember do NOT go into the attic.’ ‘Fine’, I said. ‘I won’t’. ‘Good boy’ said my Mam. But I had to see what was inside… When everyone was asleep I crept out of my room and up the stairs to the attic. I was being a bit of a miscreant but I didn’t mind. I opened the door slowly and what I saw inside made me scream…

3 thoughts on “The Attic by Kyle”

  1. Hi Kyle,

    This was a wonderful piece of writing to submit to the challenge this week. I loved the way you used the narrator’s voice to draw me into your writing; I can imagine just how much you wanted to know what was inside that attic. You left me desperate to know what happens next, this is a something talented writers do!
    Keep up the great work.
    Mrs MooreTeam 100London

  2. I think you did a phenomenal job (that means awesome). I would’ve liked to see more descriptive words but other than that you did great 👍. In my house we dont have an attic, do you have and attic in your house?

    1. Yes we have an attic and it’s kind of like a third story. When you go upstairs there is another set of stairs and when you go up them you’re in a kind of bedroom. Thanks for the comment!

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