The Art Gallery – Jessica M

One day Amelia went to an art gallery. While she was there they were decorating the gallery with Christmas pictures. Amelia was interested in a particular picture, it had a blue eye looking through a Christmas tree, at an ornament and, a present. She asked if she could buy the picture. They said she could buy it, so she did. When Amelia got home she put the picture on the wall. Then she went up the stairs got her mam and showed her the picture. Her mam loved the picture, and asked where she had got the Christmas picture.

7 thoughts on “The Art Gallery – Jessica M”

  1. I like how you added more detail like when Amelia got home rather than leaving it with her just in the art gallery. I hope to hear more of your work!

  2. Well done! I liked your story and I can picture the picture of the wall. We can also feel the happiness in the hosue from having this Christmas picture. Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

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