The Art Competition by Oliwia

Sara really wanted a violin but she didn’t have enough money to buy one. So when the opportunity came to make lots of money quickly she took it. She entered an art competition. If she came first place she would win 200 euro and if she came 2nd she would win 100 euro. Sara took this competition very seriously and she put a lot of effort in her drawing. In the end she drew a purple elephant. When the results finally came in she found out that she had won 2nd place!!! She was very happy and she had enough money to buy the violin she so desperately wanted.

One thought on “The Art Competition by Oliwia”

  1. Hi Oliwia! This is your writing buddy (Monica) and I loved this piece! You described that she wanted that violon very badly, so you used keywords to show that. I think this story is magnificat!

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