The Arrival by Cian

This is strange. No one ever knew aliens are real but on the news a journalist was attacked by a group of aliens. My friend Darragh and I were petrified. We had no idea why they came to earth. It was at that time we seemed to be on the television and a strange voice came out of the tv.

“Darragh and Cian we have come to find you”.

“Why?”I asked

“If you come with us we will treat you both like you are wealthy men, and if not we shall kill you”!

We had no idea what to choose.

2 thoughts on “The Arrival by Cian”

  1. Hi Cian, this is a strange one, strange but good fun. Straight away you catch the reader and hold them with a well held together story. I like very much the strange ending with no idea what to do next. An up in the air finish that suited this 100WC piece very much. I also think it was very brave of you to question aliens who have just said the have come to find you, I would have been running not asking questions! Good story, well done.

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