The Animal Heads – by Charlie

Once upon a time there was a war being fought between Mankind and Animals.

Mankind kept killing the animals for meat so they fought back.They killed loads of humans they attacked all over the world.The war went on for six years.The biggest battle was in Ireland.The pigs,cows,chickens,dogs and birds attacked Dublin.The people were scared but some fought back,the military from Ireland,England, and Spain barely managed to win.The last battle was off the coast of Australia.Mankind won after three weeks of non stop fighting the animals surrendered.Then they made a treaty and mankind agreed not to kill any more animals.Then sculptures of animals were made.

One thought on “The Animal Heads – by Charlie”

  1. I feel as if you have created an epic battle and minimised it into 100 words! That is a lot to take in. I think it is quite linear and descriptive, I wonder if you could find a way to make the writing a bit more emotional? Think about using words like ‘bitter, angry, frustrated, bloodlust, thirst’ to describe the war.

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