The Angry Man by Ashley

Last year I went on holidays with my family to Spain, there was a big swimming pool with a slide and a gorgeous buffet.

My family and I were at a vivid restaurant with another buffet when all of a sudden a shabby looking man jumps out of his seat mocking the waiters, apparently the vinegar was too sharp. He also said that the vinegar made him feel queasy, he also did not look very healthy this could be down to malnutrition if he’s eating from a buffet all the time. The man started to become pretty violent so my family and I went to another restaurant with lobsters which made my sisters very frantic.

2 thoughts on “The Angry Man by Ashley”

  1. To Ashley,
    You have used some very interesting language in your writing. I especially like the describing words like shabby and frantic. The vivid language you use really paints a picture in the readers mind.
    Keep up the great writing,
    Mrs Horan
    Team 100WC
    Morrinsville, New Zealand

  2. Hi Ashley
    I really liked the words you used in your story.
    I’m sure that the man had a pretty bad day
    loved reading your story.
    Goodbye Ashley
    From Tim
    Mrs Boyce’s 5th Class

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