The Alien Apocalypse by Cian

It’s day 43 of evacuation from earth, nothing has really happened on the ship mainly just because I’m trying to survive. Right now, I’m feeling worse than ever, my family were killed by the inter-dimensional creatures and I’m all alone. Earth is probably gone, well I wouldn’t know because the satellites were destroyed by the creatures. I’m trying to find a planet that has any sort of oxygen source so I can try to adapt life there, I don’t want to be living in this ship for the rest of my life. The last thing I’m going to say is if anyone is alive on earth reply to this message.

One thought on “The Alien Apocalypse by Cian”

  1. Kia ora Cian. This is a great use of the prompt this week – well done! You have done a very good job of setting the scene and creating atmosphere by describing your feelings and the situation you’re in. Keep up the excellent writing Cian!

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