The Adventure by Ashton

Get down, the army man shouted!

When the werewolf came the bullets did nothing to him. Then they used their last weapon it was a tree launcher! It turns everything into wood. It worked just in time, right before the werewolf was about to eat them.

We have the to hide it, said Justin.

In the woods? asked Craig

Yeah OK and if anyone finds it and asks what happened we will say it was just built!

Good idea!

Five months later they came back and the werewolf was still there. I wonder if anyone will discover it.

2 thoughts on “The Adventure by Ashton”

  1. This is a very imaginative story, Ashton, with so much going on. I like the way you have the characters talking to each other. That really helped to move the story along. I also love the idea of a ‘tree launcher.’ I also like the way you leave your reader with a question, wondering about the werewolf.

  2. That was creative by using the tree launcher as a weapon. That tree launcher is like a bazooka. We wrote about this same topic, too! I wonder if they found the woof

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