The Accident of Halloween by Mia

Evan loved Halloween. When he was little, he always dressed up as his favourite superhero and went trick or treating. However now he was way too old. So he made plans with his friends, Alana and Jared. ‘Where is Michael, Zoey and Connor?’ asked Jared. ‘At some party’ answered Alana. She was wearing her black dance outfit with cat ears and Jared was wearing a black hoodie. They went to the park and were just hanging out when it happened in a blur. Evan got hit with a fire work. ‘His finger is blown off!’ yelled Jared to Alana. ‘But where did it go?’ she shouted. They called an ambulance and Evan was fine except for his missing finger.

3 thoughts on “The Accident of Halloween by Mia”

  1. Dear Mia,
    I like how you focused it on Halloween
    but next time add some more descriptive words
    I think it would make the reader wanna keep reading.
    Keep up the awesome effort:)
    From Room 4, St Joseph’s, Keira

  2. hi Mia
    I like your story because its exciting
    I wonder was Evan ok
    Bye for now
    From Joe
    Mrs Boyce’s class

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