The Terrible Kidnappers by David

Once upon a time there were two children named Tom and Alex .  They loved to play with each other.  Their parents were Mr and Mrs Cooper.  One day they went to town with their parents .  They let them roam the shopping centre on their own  .  There was a announcement on the intercom, it said ” There is a kidnapper coming ”  .  They started to  panic .  Suddenly Tom noticed Alex had been grabbed by a masked man.  Tom did a tornado kick and  Alex broke free.  They ran and when the lock on the door clicked behind them the knew they were free.  ‘YES’! shouted Tom.

2 thoughts on “The Terrible Kidnappers by David”

  1. I got a huge fright when I read that a masked man had grabbed Alex! Thank goodness that the boys managed to escape. They were very lucky. Great work David, keep it up!

  2. Phew! Thank goodness the boys escaped from the kidnapper. They were very lucky. I’m sure their parents were up the walls with worry. I wouldn’t say those boys were allowed wander off on their own again!

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