Talent Show by Emmanuel

It was the night before the talent show and Daniel was stressing out. The reason he was stressing out was because Daniel’s guitar was not sounding very well because it was completely out of tune with his voice. Daniel went and told his dad about the problem [he was a music teacher by the way] His dad just told him that he needed to tune it. It was the next day and Daniel was really nervous. It was his turn, he got onto the stage and went for it. Daniel did very well and his dad was very proud of him.

One thought on “Talent Show by Emmanuel”

  1. Hi Emmanuel,
    Phew! I was getting worried for Daniel and his performance. How lucky to have a dad who is a musical expert when you need it!
    Maybe next time, add in more emotion to the character’s dilemma to make your writing more dramatic?
    Keep up the great work,
    Ciara (Team 100)

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