Taekwondo Tournament – by Charlie

When I was sparring a green belt on Tuesday it reminded me of a time when I attended the all Ireland tournament.When I got there we had to wait.Then I got ready to spar.We were called over to the ring that we were going to be sparring at.Suddenly my name was called out ,I walked over and bowed. Then we started I threw some sidekicks he threw some punches in the end I won.Then I was called back up for the next round it started he threw some sidekicks and then I threw some punches he won,then we bowed.I had fun even though I lost.

One thought on “Taekwondo Tournament – by Charlie”

  1. Hello Charlie, you have included a great message here…”it isn’t all about winning, it is how you play the game”. You can only do your very best. I like how you have set the scene for your story and I really like how you have repeated the “action” sentences but provide the different outcome. One win, one loss to you BUT really you are the winner because you showed good sportsmanship. Well done.

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