Stuck in the Woods by Amy

One day as my friends and I went to the woods. We found an abandoned cottage.

‘Should we sneak in?’ Ask my friend Holly

‘I don’t know what if someone comes?’ Said my friend Lorena.

’It’s abandoned nobody will come’ said Holly.

’She has a point’ I said. We snuck in and all of a sudden someone slammed the door shut behind us we didn’t know who. 5 hours later it was night and suddenly darkness enveloped the room as we watched the sun set. We fell asleep and when we woke up the door was opened again. We ran home.

One thought on “Stuck in the Woods by Amy”

  1. Hi Amy! This was a spooky and mysterious story. I wonder why someone would lock them in only to open the door so they could leave again. Were they planning to trap someone else in their cottage? Or were they giving the characters a warning? Using an abandoned cottage in the forest for this prompt was really fitting as well. Great work and keep writing!

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