Stuck at the Airport – by Leah

Last year we booked a flight to Fuerteventura and we got stuck at the airport because there was a storm coming.While we were waiting I went off to explore the airport I came across the baggage area and some shops and restaurants.I also came across two men sitting on a bench one was a bronze statue and the other man was reading his book.I asked the man.
“Do you know where the book shop is”
But he just ignored me and walked away.I bought a burger and chips from McDonalds and a book from the book shop just in time to board the plane.

2 thoughts on “Stuck at the Airport – by Leah”

  1. Was the man who ignored you the statue Leah? If it was then I suppose there’s a very good reason why he ignored you. If it was the other man, then he was just plain rude. Sounds like you found the book shop anyway. I love book shops too. I could spend hours there!

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