The Strange Statue- James

One day me and my friends were walking through the park and we started to play tag. While I was running I wasn’t watching where I was going because I was busy looking at the person who was on. I bumped straight into a statue. The old man who used to be the park caretaker was also in the park. He told me the statue was haunted. I really didn’t believe him and just laughed when he said it and said “OK, I know you are joking with me”. He said, ” No seriously, it really is, it moves around at night. When I turned to leave the statue had disappeared!

2 thoughts on “The Strange Statue- James”

  1. James,
    Very creative story. Super spooky that the statue was gone. I would have freaked out! Great details and great writing. Keep up the good work!
    Mrs. Long, Saint Charles IL 100wc

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