Strange Colourful Creatures by Holly

It was a Saturday evening. A man went on an adventure to an island. As he was walking on the island, he came across strange colourful people. He stood frozen in the middle of the island. The orange one spoke first. This strange orange creature didn’t actually speak English. He spoke gibberish. This strange creature had an angry expression on his face. Suddenly so did the rest of the creatures. After a while the creatures stormed after the man and chased him back to his house. The man hated the trip but, he said he was glad he never has to see the creatures ever again.

4 thoughts on “Strange Colourful Creatures by Holly”

  1. Hi Holly,
    I really enjoyed reading your story,
    It was very funny how it started from one with an angry expression from them all.

    From Ashley.
    (In your class)

  2. Hi holly, I loved you’re story and thought it was very good maybe next time you could look for Run on sentiences. Does something happen after that

  3. Hello Holly, your writing is very neat and creative. The orange people seem strange and this writing is really descriptive. I had a dream once about flying orange cats so this is kinda the same thing.
    – Abby.

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