Stranded by Mia

Balbriggan was a ghost town. Although it was Saturday nothing was opened. I looked to Mia . We were so confused. It wasn’t a bank holiday and it wasn’t a Sunday. We walked around town for about an hour. To our dismay there wasn’t a soul around. We went back to Mia’s, nobody was home. Same for my house. We turned around and there was a letter on the ground. We opened it. “Mia Casey and Mia Bethel. Along with everyone else you have been drafted for world war 3.” Wish us luck.

6 thoughts on “Stranded by Mia”

  1. Using WW3 is really clever and it made me laugh after reading it. I don’t know what a ‘bank holiday’ is, maybe you could summarize what it is in your story. I also love that you used descriptive phrases like ‘there wasn’t a soul around’ and ‘ghost town’.

  2. I loved how descriptive you were with describing the town. You could improve the background info a bit more. The audience doesn’t really know that both of the character’s names are Mia until they read the letter. You also left a really good cliffhanger at the end which can be suspenseful towards the reader.

  3. “To our dismay there wasn’t a soul around.” I really love that sentence. make sure you work on your punctuation, put comas in place that have/ need a pause. Other than that, great work! 🙂

  4. I loved your story. I also loved you pot twist in the story. It was really good about how your family was in war world 3. By: Maiyah

  5. WOW, MIA! I am wowed! I hope both Mia’s will be okay for World War III! You should DEFINITELY MAKE A SEQUEL TO THIS! This was amazing! I really want to know what comes next! Wow! Good Job! I wish them luck! 😃

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