My Spooky Halloween – Hasher

One spooky night on Halloween we were going to a haunted mansion. We knew it was fake and we went anyway.We were exploring rooms. We were happy and were laghing so hard. But then as the door slammed shut I knew it was scary. And I ran and ran until the house was gone. And I was happy we were out. Jeff told me that it was not going to be scary. I’ll get him back. I hid behind the door he walked in I shouted BOO!
Me and him had a laugh we were happy and ate food.

3 thoughts on “My Spooky Halloween – Hasher”

  1. Hi Hasher,
    Thank you for sharing your writing with us this week.
    My favourite part was when you jumped out at the end of the story! I used to do that to my friend when I was about your age…got her every single time! 🙂
    Keep writing and sharing.
    Mrs Tucker (100WC Team)
    Wirral, UK.

  2. Hi Hasher. Lots of stories about scary goings on and haunted houses this week. I really enjoyed the end though when you jumped out on your friend. My son and I do this to each other all the time. It’s really funny – well, it is when I jump out on him and scare the living daylights out of him.

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