Something Happened by Abby


An elephant fell on the ground in the zoo, the zookeeper didn’t know what to do because they are really heavy. Everybody came to look at the elephant but the zookeeper told them to stay away. A young man decided to play the violin for the elephant. Unfortunately The zookeeper said that the elephant was dead because of old age. Ms Angry had an idea that everyone should paint the elephant and they could put it in the museum. Everyone agreed and got to work on their paintings and painted amazingly, especially the purple elephant. They were hung beautifully in the museum and everyone was happy.

6 thoughts on “Something Happened by Abby”

  1. Hello Abbey
    I liked your story because you used the words perfectly.
    It reminds me of the book: Night Zoo Keeper.

    Colin 5th class Mrs Boyce’s class.

  2. Hi Abby, I really enjoyed your story this week. The only thing that I didn’t understand was why wasn’t Ms.Angry angry?

  3. I liked the story, but what was the bang. Was that a noise or just like a it happened so fast type thing.

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